FAQ – Forum business programme

As in previous years, the business programme will focus on global and Russian economies, social issues, and technological development.

The main part of the SPIEF 2021 business programme includes more than a hundred events divided into four tracks touching upon the issues of global and Russian economy, as well as social and technological agenda.

The programme architecture of SPIEF 2021 is published on the website in the Programme architecture section


To participate in SPIEF 2021 as a moderator or speaker, an application should be emailed to the programme preparation workgroup at programme@roscongress.org. Applications must include the participant’s contact information, position, and organization, as well as a brief summary of their presentation on a chosen topic.

If the application is submitted after the Forum programme architecture is published online, please indicate where specifically the presentation would fit within the programme.

For more information, please contact the Forum information centre:

+7 (812) 680 0000