FAQ - Transport

St. Petersburg is one of the largest transport hubs in Russia. The city is home to Pulkovo International Airport, five rail terminals, and a seaport. St. Petersburg is also linked to Russian and European cities via numerous highways.

Participants have a number of options for getting to the Forum venue:

  • By free Forum shuttle bus. Free shuttle buses will run between the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre, Pulkovo Airport, Moskovsky Rail Terminal, recommended hotels, accreditation centres, and off-site parking areas.

  • By rented car. Forum participants can use the services offered by the Forum’s official transport services operator to rent an accredited vehicle with a driver.

    The rental fee includes accreditation (with/without the ability to park at the Forum venue), all service charges, driver’s fee, and 24-hour dispatch centre support.

  • By personal accredited vehicle. Forum participants may obtain accreditation for a personal vehicle and driver in order to access parking areas at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre or off-site. The terms and conditions of accrediting vehicles and drivers can be viewed nearer the time of the Forum in the Accreditation of Personal Vehicle section of the personal web office, where applications can also be submitted.

  • By personal non-accredited vehicle. Non-accredited vehicles and taxis may pick up and drop off passengers at checkpoint 2 by the entrance to the Forum venue. However, they cannot enter the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.