Moldavian Court at SPIEF

Moldavian Court at SPIEF

The colourful ‘Moldavian Court’ invites guests to get acquainted with the rich culture, historical traditions and modern life of Moldova. Live national music, tastings of Moldovan wine and ethnic cuisine are organized here daily.

The exposition is presented by the ‘Victory’ bloc, an oppositional political organization. The large delegation includes the leader of the bloc Ilan Shor and the head of Gagauzia, the executive secretary of the ‘Victory’ bloc Eugenia Gutsul, members of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, municipal councillors, public figures and businessmen.

According to the members of the delegation, this event is another way for them to prove that the residents of the republic are determined to be friends with Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

“We opened the Moldovan Trade House at the Forum on purpose to present quality Moldovan-made goods to the public. Our country needs to create a common economic and trade space with Russia, where Moldovan goods are known and loved. We want real friendship, co-operation, mutual understanding and relations with Russia,” Ilan Shor said.

“In the context of deteriorating relations with official Chisinau, which takes a clearly anti-Russian stance, most active representatives of the Moldovan society, members of the local business community, expressed their own view. It is completely different. They feel the need to preserve and deepen the existing ties between the countries, completely refuting the unfriendly theses,” said Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation and Deputy Chairman of the SPIEF Organizing Committee. He also stressed that the Forum “once again demonstrated the ability to constructively overcome political contradictions and obstacles through dialogue and search for solutions, taking into account the mutual interests of the peoples of Russia and Moldova.”



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