100 Authors of Powerful Ideas for a New Era Presented their Solutions to Potential Partners at SPIEF 2022

100 Authors of Powerful Ideas for a New Era Presented their Solutions to Potential Partners at SPIEF 2022

The leaders of more than a hundred initiatives in the top 1000 of the ASI and Roscongress Foundation's Powerful Ideas for a New Era Forum visited the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2022). They presented initiatives in seven thematic areas of the Forum to potential partners: 25 ideas from the National Technology Initiative (NTI), 23 ideas from the National Social Initiative (NSI), 16 ideas from the National Human Resources Initiative, 16 ideas from the National Environmental Initiative, 13 ideas on entrepreneurship, and five from each of the Open Talk and Regional Development tracks.

"Idea leaders presented their cutting-edge solutions in technology, entrepreneurship, environment, education, and the social sphere to potential partners from organizations at various levels. A total of 146 pitches took place over the three main days of SPIEF. First and foremost, there were requests for piloting, partner promotion, scaling and replication of projects. We tried to make full use of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum venue which brings together executives from all over the country," Georgiy Belozerov, Chief Operating Officer of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, said.

Leader events were held with executives and representatives of VK (Russia), ANO Dialogue, the Centre for Innovative Development, Branch of JSC "Russian Railways" (CID), Rossotrudnichestvo, Roskatchestvo, VEB.RF, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Delovaya Rossiya, Rostec, the Moscow Export Centre and other organizations. At the meetings, the idea leaders received recommendations and proposals for cooperation to promote and implement the initiatives.

Vladimir Kirienko, Chief Executive Officer of VK, said that his company was ready to support and get involved in promoting the bright and bold ideas presented at the Forum.

"There are many creative people in Russia who use their talents and knowledge to create unique and innovative projects. These projects help make our country a better place. We support this and believe that this is the time when opportunities are opening up for various collaborations, both classic projects involving offline activities and interaction in the digital environment. VK supports such initiatives, so we have agreed that we would participate in the project development chain, provide expert evaluation, and help promote them," Vladimir Kirienko said.

In addition, he expressed his willingness to help integrate the Regional Service and Resource Centre for Schoolchildren Career Development Tomsk initiative with social media services, allowing modern methods of introducing schoolchildren into the business environment.

Maxim Protasov, Head of the Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo), declared his readiness to get involved in the Platform for Physical and Mental Health biomedical cluster network project to launch a healthy food network across the country. According to him, "healthy consumers" are a priority for the company. Oleg Salagay, Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, also stressed the importance of the project and recommended to formulate specific proposals regarding its elaboration with the ministry.

The Kamchatka initiative to create a regional Digital Clinic proved relevant to Centre for Innovative Development, Branch of JSC "Russian Railways" (CID). Dmitry Verbov, Head of the CID, "Russian Railways", noted that they would consider the option of testing the project at the company's regional institutions.

Mikhail Alashkevich, Senior Vice President of VEB.RF, declared his readiness to help in scaling up the organic Waste Recycling project. According to him, a meeting should be held with the Business-Two project and the project's impact on recycling costs should be analyzed together with experts.

The Learn to Learn St. Petersburg initiative to develop self-learning skills and work with large flows of information interested Dmitry Polikanov, Deputy Head of Rossotrudnichestvo. He stated his readiness to help integrate the methodology into a programme to promote the Russian language abroad.

He and Oleg Yevtushenko, Executive Director of the Russian Technologies State Corporation, also decided to take two ideas on board. ROBBO, a St. Petersburg-based platform for modern educational robotics training for young innovators, makers, and entrepreneurs based on open-source hardware and free and open-source code and IVA iPavlov, the capital's digital platform for creating IT assistants for every person, business, and organization without special knowledge.

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