SPIEF Business Programme Architecture As a Reflection of Global Economic Changes

SPIEF Business Programme Architecture As a Reflection of Global Economic Changes

The business programme architecture of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, to be held in St. Petersburg from 14 to 17 June 2023, has been published. The theme of the Forum is “Sovereign Development as the Basis of a Just World. Joining Forces for Future Generations”.

“The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in the new realities is a reflection of the important results of Russia’s economic policy and the successful dialogue our country is conducting with its strategic partners in various fields of activity. Importantly, the Forum venue traditionally serves to strengthen existing economic and socio-cultural ties to address the challenges of the global economic agenda, taking into account the priorities of each participant. Equal relations based on mutual assistance and respect for each other's sovereign interests promote the mutual integration of best practices and technologies in building independent economic systems,” noted Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and Executive Secretary of the SPIEF Organizing Committee.

The main programme of business events in 2023 is divided into four thematic tracks focusing on the development of the global economy in an era of global change, changes in the Russian economy under the current international pressure, building technological sovereignty and strategies of protecting the population and improving the quality of life of citizens. In total, more than 150 sessions, master classes and business meetings are scheduled within the four tracks of the business programme, including the traditional SBER business breakfast and a number of events involving pharmaceutical companies.

“The World Economy at a Global Turning Point” track will include sessions and panel discussions on changes in the economic spheres: energy, finance, logistics, transport, culture, and technology. The work of experts will touch upon the issues of international cooperation in the BRICS+, SCO, EAEU and CIS countries in the context of modern economic and geopolitical challenges.

The second track of the business programme, “The Russian Economy: From Adaptation to Growth”, focuses on the key drivers of economic growth. Participants in the discussions will discuss sustainable development through the use of internal, ‘hidden’ resources – the development of promising territories, tourism, infrastructure, efficient use of natural resources, creative industries and small technology companies.

“Building Technological Sovereignty” is the third track of events, which will include sessions and business meetings to discuss strategic issues of digital technology development in all sectors of the economy: from public administration and data security to digitalization of industrial production and the agricultural sector.

A separate thematic track entitled “Protecting the Population and Quality of Life as the Main Priority” highlights the impact of the arts on the individual, investments in demographics, education, culture and sport to achieve economic development goals. Participants in the business sessions will address, among other things, highly specialized social topics such as the comprehensive re-socialisation of veterans and the impact of charities and volunteering on the economy.

Six bilateral business events in the format of business dialogues with foreign partners from the Arab world, India, China, EAEU–ASEAN, Latin America, and the UAE are planned to discuss global and pressing issues of international cooperation in 2023. This year, the United Arab Emirates will participate in SPIEF as a guest country. In addition, the international track will include the Business 20 Regional Consultation Forum (B20), an event that brings together the work of international business associations.

In addition to the main business programme, SPIEF will host the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) Forum, the Creative Business Forum, the Ensuring Drug Security Forum and the Youth Economic Forum  a pool of events on the opening and final days of the Forum that will be available as part of the Cooperation Day participant package at a special price.

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