Expanded SPIEF 2023 Business Programme Published  Russia’s Place in the New World: Expanded SPIEF 2023 Business Programme

Expanded SPIEF 2023 Business Programme Published Russia’s Place in the New World: Expanded SPIEF 2023 Business Programme

The official website of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum has published an expanded version of its business programme. The Forum’s main theme is ‘Sovereign development as the basis of a just world: joining forces for future generations’.

The programme currently consists of more than 140 events with more than 1,000 moderators and speakers.

The Forum theme is more relevant now than ever before at this time of drastic changes ushering in new technological paradigms and a new system of international relations. Recent years have witnessed an intensification in the crisis of trust between nations, making it all the more important to maintain a fair and constructive dialogue between business communities across the globe.

“In the midst of sanctions and a crisis of globalization, Russia has begun to look to new horizons. Conclusions drawn from discussions at the Forum influence business and the authorities as they make important decisions in the interests of sustainable development,” Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Anton Kobyakov said.

The business programme is divided into five thematic blocks dedicated to the global processes taking place in the world and leading to the establishment of a fundamentally new multipolar economic model with opportunities for fair and constructive dialogue between all those striving towards more sustainable development.

Each session follows its particular track to consider Russia’s position in this new world. Our country has already demonstrated its willingness to defend its interests and security. Now we must work to rebuild the economy. Although the process is a difficult one, it is the way centres of power are established.

The sessions taking place as part of the ‘World Economy at a Global Turning Point’ track will consider economic changes to energy, finance, logistics, transport, culture, and technology.

The ‘Russian Economy: From Adaptation to Growth’ block of the business programme will focus on what drives economic growth.

The sessions and business meetings held as part of the ‘Building Technological Sovereignty’ block will consider strategic issues arising from the development of digital technologies throughout the economy, from public administration and data security to the digitalization of manufacturing and agriculture.

Sessions within the ‘Protecting the Population and Quality of Life as the Main Priority’ track will look at how the arts affect the individual and how investment in demographics, education, culture, and sports can help achieve economic development goals.

At the behest of the President of the Russian Federation, special attention will be paid this year to changes in the labour market, with a special track included in the programme: ‘The Labor Market: A Response to The New Challenges’.

In addition to the main business programme, SPIEF will also host a number of events on the sidelines as in previous years: Business 20 Regional Consultation Forum (B20), the Youth Economic Forum, the SME Forum, the Drug Security Forum, the Creative Business Forum, the SPIEF Junior programme, and a number of Sber and pharmaceutical company business breakfasts.

Six bilateral business dialogue events have been planned to take place with foreign partners from the Arab world, Latin America, ASEAN, India, and China.

A new format of dialogue between Russian and foreign business will be introduced on 14 June, the first day of the Forum: the Day of International SME Cooperation, with a special emphasis to be placed on accessible company participation and the uniqueness of a programme that will include informal bilateral business events and presentations on the investment, technological, and industrial potential of partner countries.

SPIEF will be taking place in St. Petersburg from 14 to 17 June.

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