‘Baikal. Amazing Adventures of Yuma’ Movie to Be Screened at SPIEF

‘Baikal. Amazing Adventures of Yuma’ Movie to Be Screened at SPIEF

Within the Business Priority presentation platform at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2021 the first ever Russian blockbuster about nature and animals entitled ‘Baikal. Amazing Adventures of Yuma’ will be screened. The movie was dubbed "the kindest film of the year" by film critics even before its wide release.


On 5 June at 10:15 at the renewed Business Priority platform, Krasny Kvadrat media group will hold a presentation of ‘Baikal. Amazing Adventures of Yuma’, a conceptually groundbreaking project for Russian movie industry. The film combines art with science, which allows the audiences to learn about the natural wealth of the world’s largest freshwater lake through a story about one of its brightest inhabitants: the kind and charming Baikal seal named Yuma.

The movie’s edutainment format helps achieve a particular effect when the movie becomes both engaging and educational for youngsters and adults alike.

The filming became possible due to the unique experience from the famous expedition "Mirs" to Lake Baikal. This unique film took about 5 years to make, during which 14 expeditions were conducted using deep-water equipment, and over 180 hours of material about the underwater world of Baikal were shot. Viewers will be able to see the underwater beauty of the lake in a "fabulously real quality": in 4K HDR format.

The main parts have been voiced by popular Russian actors Konstantin Khabensky and Chulpan Khamatova.

Central Partnership, Russia's largest film distribution company, distributes the film in Russia. The company’s latest domestic blockbusters include Silver Skates and Fire. For Central Partnership, the film about Baikal was a unique project, as it marks the first time that the company was involved in films of this genre.

Even before its release, the film has aroused tremendous interest from cinemas. Today, its screenings are on the schedule of every second theater in the country, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

The official partner of the project is JSC "Russian Railways". The film's partners also included major Russian companies and mass media, such as Channel One, Russian Radio (Russian Media Group), Komsomolskaya Pravda Publishing House, the educational magazine Vokrug Sveta, the Moskvarium Center of Oceanography and Marine Biology, VDNH and Zaryadye Park.

SPIEF participants will have a unique opportunity to watch the film a few hours before the first previews. According to the filmmakers, the first screenings would take place in the native regions for the kindest Baikal seal named Yuma: Irkutsk region and Republic of Buryatia.

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