SPIEF 2023 Sports and Entertainment Programme Published

SPIEF 2023 Sports and Entertainment Programme Published

The sports and entertainment programme of the 26th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will offer events in 16 athletic disciplines. 
“The Roscongress Foundation and the Ministry of Sport have formed an entire ecosystem for sport at SPIEF. Tournaments with the participation of Russian national team leaders, sports events for Forum participants, discussion of strategic issues of industry development, presentations of sports projects, signing of agreements and contracts – all this will be presented on a large scale at SPIEF 2023,” shared Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and SPIEF Executive Secretary.  
The centre of attraction for sports at SPIEF 2023 will be the pavilion dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Ministry of Sport. “The Forum venue allows us to discuss further ways of interaction to strengthen the national sports system. As for the business programme, we strive for partnerships with countries we have fruitful cooperation with throughout the year. The sports programme will once again be rich and spectacular – it will bring together not only professional athletes, but also amateurs – everyone for whom sport is a way of life,” said Minister of Sport Oleg Matytsin.

For the third time, SPIEF will host an international judo club tournament – Yawara Challenge. The 8-time winner of the European club championship, Yawara Neva and Lokomotiv, will meet strong foreign opponents. The leaders of the Russian national boxing team will take part in the tournament under the auspices of the Forum. The competition will be held with the support of the Russian National Team Training Centre. 
On 15 June, the first day of the main SPIEF business programme will traditionally start with a morning run through the centre of St. Petersburg.

The programme of athletic events for Forum participants has been expanded. Political and business leaders will be able to play alongside renowned athletes in gala matches and Roscongress Cup tournaments in hockey, football, basketball, golf, chess, and tennis. The squash tournament returns, and badminton makes its debut in the SPIEF sports programme. 

For the first time ever, SPIEF will host a simultaneous chess exhibition using artificial intelligence. Forum participants will challenge world rapid chess and blitz chess champion Sergey Karjakin, assisted by Russian-made software called Mendeleev Chess. Corporate teams will take part in the Vedomosti Business Regatta, which will be part of the sports, music, and gastronomy festival Sails of Kronstadt. 
17 June will also start with a sporting event. At 6:00, SPIEF participants will be able to join the SUP Breakfast sailing race on SUP boards along St. Petersburg’s canals., Shkulev Media Holding and St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development will help attendees discover the city from a new perspective.   
The traditional equestrian tournament will take place on 17 June at the Venta-Arena Equestrian Club in the new JUMP&DRIVE show format. In the first part of the course, the athlete will overcome obstacles on horseback, and in the second part of the route will drive a car. There will also be a Gold100 by Roscongress evening show jumping. 
On the final day of SPIEF, St. Petersburg residents will be able to visit the spectacular Moto Stunt Show, which will take place near Pulkovo Outlet Village. World champion and two-time European champion Foma Kalinin, Russia’s only female stunt rider Daria Kharchenko, and quad bike virtuoso Grigory Taldykin will perform extreme tricks on motorbikes.  

As part of the SPIEF 2023 sports programme, there will also be the Clean Games, a team competition to clean up green spaces, in which participants will compete in collecting and sorting waste. 

The operator of the SPIEF sports and entertainment programme is RC-Sport, the sports platform of the Roscongress Foundation.

The sports and entertainment programme is available on the official Forum website 

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