14th Annual International Conference TRILOGY Wraps Up

14th Annual International Conference TRILOGY Wraps Up

The 14th Annual International Conference TRILOGY, Northwest Russia’s leading transport and logistics congress eventwrapped up at the Russian Railways Business Relations Centre in St. Petersburg. The event was held on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

This year’s speakers included government officials, leading industry experts, and private business owners, including: Vice-President of the Transport Integration Group Svetlana Vorontsova, Head of Russian Railways’ Oktyabrskaya Railway Viktor GolomolzinCEO and Chairman of the Management Board of UTLC ERA Alexey Grom, Vice-Rector forDevelopment and Innovation at Ordzhonikidze Russian State University for Geological Prospecting Yulia ZvorykinaDeputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Union of Transport Workers of Kazakhstan KAZLOGISTICS Yury LavrinenkoGeneral Director of Neftekhimtrans and RusIranExpo Alexander Sharov,Director of the St. Petersburg branch of Fesco Integrated Transport Georgy Remizov, and Director of the MGIMO Institute of International Trade and Sustainable Developmentand CEO of MTI among others.

Plenipotentiary Envoy of the President of the Russian Federation in the Northwestern Federal District and Deputy Chairman of the State Commission Alexander Gutsan directed a welcoming address to conference participants, noting in his address the Russian economic turn to the East and the fortuitous location of the Northern Sea Route for this purpose“We need touse it to modernize existing transport corridors and establishnew ones. The Northwestern Federal District shows great promise to this end, and we need to capitalize on it,” he said.

The business programme focused on the challenges of integrating regional transport and logistics. Event participants and guests discussed transport corridors within the Greater Eurasian Partnership, government planning policy on logistics routes, transport routes in the Baltic and Barents/Euro-Arctic regions, methods for increasing the efficiency of transport logistics, and the digital transformation of the industry. The event programme focused on the importance and infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route and investments in North-Westtransport hubsTraining and professional development for the transport and logistics industry were also discussed.

During the plenary session ‘International Transport Corridors: The North-West in the Global Turn to the East’, experts considered the importance of better regional integration in Greater Eurasia, the development of key routes, and inter-sectoral cooperation in transport. General Director of BehinehTarabar Azhour Samaneh Alipour and Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Union of Transport Workers of Kazakhstan KAZLOGISTICS Yuri Lavrinenko noted the prospects of the International West-East and North-South Transport Corridors in Eurasia’s changing logistical landscape. General Director of RusIranExpo Alexander Sharov also noted the importance of creating new logistics corridors and identifying new priority areas.

During the plenary session, Head of Russian Railways’ Oktyabrskaya Railway Viktor Golomolzin spoke of the outlook for expanding the transport infrastructure of the Northwest in accordance with the growth of cargo flows from the East, analyzed growth and potential future trends in transportation volumes, and also touched on the types of cargoes transported on the Oktyabrskaya Railway.

Participants of the session ‘Digital Transformation of the Transport and Logistics Industry’ discussed advanced technical achievements: unmanned transport, control and automation systems, and electronic document management and also touchedon the platform logistics solutions that make it possible tomanage the entire supply chain seamlessly. “Increasing transport volumes require advanced technologies to reduce costs and speed up delivery. The digitalization of transport, driven by logistics management systems, is key to improving productivity in the industry,” INTEM LAB Sales Director Andrey Ivanov said.

As in previous years, materials presented at the event and the recommendations made by participants will be sent to federal ministries, subordinate structures, and key players in Russia’stransport and logistics industry.

The 15th International Conference TRILOGY will be held in 2025.

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