The Australian Leadership Retreat commences on 31 May

The Australian Leadership Retreat commences on 31 May

The Australian Leadership Retreat commences on 31 May

The Australian Leadership Retreat is taking place from 31 May to 2 June 2019. The event will be organized by the Australia Davos Connection Forum (ADC) who has a partnership with the Roscongress Foundation.

 “Australian Leadership Retreat is a significant international business event. The agreement on cooperation between the Roscongress Foundation and the ADC Forum was signed at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok in 2017. The signed document promotes the strengthening of dialogue and mutual understanding, as well as the development of initiatives and platforms for interaction between business, expert and academic communities of the Australian Union and the Russian Federation,” said Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation.

“ADC Forum is pleased to be working with Roscongress to continue to build business linkages and to create awareness of the potential for cooperation across both old and new industries between our two countries. I think a lot of people have not really imagined the beneficial scenario of stronger economic cooperation and understanding between Russia and Australia, and the value which could be created economically and into the relationship as a whole. This year is the 30th anniversary celebration of St Petersburg and Melbourne as sister cities and the two countries were once allied during some of the darkest of times last century. There is a lot of unexplored potential for cooperation and mutually beneficial activity for both countries. Leadership dialogue starts to awaken the future potential for our relationship which spans a direct North-South axis through the fastest growing region on the planet,” commented Anton Roux, CEO of the ADC Forum.

The Australian Leadership Retreat international gathering is one of ADC Forum’s key initiatives. For more than two decades, it has brought together business leaders, government agencies, top thinkers, international scientists, including Nobel laureates. About a third of the Retreat participants are representatives of the international community, including country leaders. The main goal of the Australian Leadership Retreat is to provide the space for informal dialogue between participants, as well as active and confidential discussion of the business and political agenda with a focus on the long-term perspective.

The ADC Forum is an independent non-profit organization that brings together leading representatives of the business community, the public sector, academia and media, as it provides a platform for dialogue on key issues concerning Australia.

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