Valdai Club Will Hold Events Across SPIEF 2018 Business Programme

Valdai Club Will Hold Events Across SPIEF 2018 Business Programme

The Valdai Discussion Club will hold two events within the business programme of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The session titled Clock Back: The Cold War Against Globalization is especially noteworthy. The participants will discuss the impact of the international relations crisis on the world economy, possible ways to deescalate the confrontation and potential scenarios to further enhance relations between Russia and the West.

Additionally, the Club will also hold televised debates titled Information Inequality: How to Balance Informational World Views on Rossia-24 channel as a part of the business programme. Ways to regain trust in the context of unequal access of countries to the exchange of information will become the key issue of the debate. Participants will focus on finding a balanced approach to filling the information realm with content from the point of view of various global forces narrative and how it corresponds to reality.

Andrei Bystritsky, the Chairman of the Board of the Valdai Foundation, commented on the Club’s agenda topics at the SPIEF: “Only flat out acute issues and their blunt statement can initiate and lead to a breakthrough and substantive conclusions on the essence of modern processes”.

Leading international experts in foreign affairs, politics, economy, security and energy traditionally attend the events of the Valdai Club during the SPIEF. Discussion topics reflect the current global agenda and touch upon the major international relations issues.

Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, noted that the SPIEF objective is to articulate a positive agenda, to identify growth potential and opportunities to re-establish creditability internationally: “Finding ways to address the challenges of our time is the main purpose of the Forum discussions. Here, opinion leaders have an opportunity to speak out, and this ultimately brings us closer to achieving our goal of balance”.

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