General Partner of the St. Petersburg Seasons SPIEF Festival of Culture
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JSC Russian Mediagroup
General Partner of the St. Petersburg Seasons SPIEF Festival of Culture

Russian Mediagroup is one of the biggest media holdings in Russia. Russian Mediagroup holding includes 5 radio stations: ‘Russkoye Radio’ (3,150 cities of coverage), Hit FM (850 cities of coverage), Radio MAXIMUM (350 cities of coverage), DFM (1,030 cities of coverage) and Radio Monte Carlo (189 cities of coverage), as well as the RU.TV channel, presented in the packages of all the largest off-the-air TV operators for a total subscriber capacity of more than 40 million households. The total coverage of the holding's radio stations in Russia is 33.6 million monthly listeners. The RU.TV channel has 31.7 million viewers across Russia and is one of the largest music TV channels in the country.*

Russian Mediagroup organizes large-scale concerts and festivals annually. Each event becomes a long-awaited occasion for viewers, listeners, and the entire music industry. Significant projects of the holding are the ceremony of presenting the National Music Award ‘The Golden Gramophone Award’, RU.TV Russian Music Award, Radio Monte Carlo Golf Cup, the All-Russian beauty contest ‘Miss Russkoye Radio’, the festivals ‘Stars of Russkoye Radio’, the festival ‘Crimean Wave’ etc.

*Mediascope, Radio Index - Russia 100+. July - December 2021 (+Zodiac), 12+; Mediascope, TV Index Plus, Russia 0+, 01.10.2021-31.12.2021, 4+

Lyubov Malyarevskaya - General Director of JSC Russian Mediagroup

TGC-1 (Public Joint Stock Company "Territorial Generating Company No. 1")
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TGC-1 is the leading producer of electricity and heat in the North-West region of Russia. It operates 52 electric generating stations in four regions of Russia: St. Petersburg, Republic of Karelia, Leningrad Oblast, and Murmansk Oblast. The installed electric capacity of the сompany’s stations amounted to 6,9 GW and heating capacity of 13,51 thous GCal/hr.

Unlike other Russian generating companies, TGC-1 has a unique structure of production assets: hydro generation accounts for 40% of installed capacity, with total capacity of 2,900 MW.

The Company includes 12 cogeneration plants with a total capacity of 4,000 MW. These are strategic sources of heat energy for the population and industry of St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, and Murmansk, Kirovsk and Apatity in Murmansk Oblast.

Generated electric energy primarily goes to the domestic wholesale market and is partially exported to Finland and Norway.

Major shareholder is Gazprom Energoholding LLC (51.79%).

Vadim Vederchik - Managing Director of TGC-1

Nature’s own factory

Nature's own factory is the first Russian brand of products based on an exclusive variety of Tartary buckwheat. The company was founded in 2017.

The brand produces blends of buckwheat tea with fruits and healthy sweets with buckwheat seeds according to unique recipes. "With us, everything that’s healthy also becomes delicious," say the founders of the brand Seda Khunkaeva and Anna Khabarova.

Nature's own factory is the only brand in Russia that has proven the benefits of buckwheat tea clinically and received the RAS certificate of "Compliance of buckwheat tea with signs of clinical efficacy". According to this, the tea drink removes excess fluid from the body, normalizes blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

In 2021, Nature's own factory's white buckwheat chocolate received the "Innovative Product" award at the Anuga International Exhibition in Cologne (Germany).

Simple Group
Organization Partner

Simple Group is one of the largest importers and national distributors of high-quality wine and spirits in the Russian market, with its own actively-developing retail network. The group of companies includes SimpleWine retail brand (wine stores, online-store and mobile app), Grand Cru wine restaurant (marked with a MICHELIN star in the MICHELIN 2022 guide) and Simple Bar, the Simple Media house and the Enotria Wine school.

The company's portfolio includes more than 5,000 wines from 45 countries, a unique collection of brands of spirits, mineral water, natural juices and tonics, professional glass and accessories. For more than 26 years, Simple has been introducing Russian residents to the world enogastronomical culture and developing its own educational projects.

The ultimate range of categories and styles fitting any taste and budget, as well as high level services refined through the long history of Simple Group in Russia — that is our key offer to our business partners, consumers and the broad range of wine enthusiasts.

Maksim Kashirin - Founder and President of Simple Group. Vice-President of OPORA Russia, Head of the Trade Committee, and the Alcohol and Winemaking Industry Committee.