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MIR Payment System
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Mir is a Russian National Payment System.

Since its initial launch in December 2015, more than 76 million Mir cards have been issued. 283 banks are Mir participants, with over 150 of them issuing cards.

Mir cards rely on Russian technologies and comply with both Russian and international security standards. Mir is not only a payment instrument, it is a booster for a range of non-financial services.

March 2019 faced the launch of Mir Pay, a Mir proprietary mobile payment service easily installed on any NFC-enabled smartphone with Android 6.0. Currently, Mir cards issued by over 40 large Russian banks may be added to the service.

Mir cards are accepted throughout Russia. It could not be any easier to use Mir cards for withdrawing cash from ATMs and paying for purchases via POS-terminals of largest banks in 8 countries, including Turkey, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, etc.