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Association of Volunteer Centers (AVC)
Volunteer Programme Partner

Association of Volunteer Centers (AVC) is Russia's largest non-profit organization. It unites 167 organizations from 85 regions of Russia. The AVC's mission is to make volunteering the essential norm of life.

The AVC implements number of the following flagship projects:

The platform DOBRO.RU brings together organizers of social projects, volunteers, and civil activists. It also contains free educational materials for volunteers.

The Volunteer Mobility Program gives an opportunity to attend internships at NGOs and charitable foundations as well as to take part in eco-tours.

The project "Volunteers for Culture" aims to create a community of active and caring Russian citizens who are implementing socially significant cultural projects and activities.

The All-Russian Public Organization "DELAI" unites the activities of environmental volunteers and NGOs into a systemic movement.

The AVC implements Federal initiatives engaging over 3 million of volunteers with the support of over 1,100 partners.

Artem Metelev - Deputy of the State Duma of Russia, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Youth Policy, Chairman of the Council of the Association of Volunteer Centers, Head of the DOBRO.RU platform.

Official Supplier of the Forum

Uvenco is the largest Russian vending operator. More than 15 000 Uvenco vending machines, selling hot and cold drinks, snacks and food for main Russian and international companies, healthcare, sports and educational institutions, public sector and mass transit systems in 62 cities throughout Russia. The company introduces extensive network of micromarkets under the brand name “SELF” and automatic coffee-point network SELF.COFFEE.

Uvenco’s vending network is based on Russian equipment and technologies – Unicum vending machines, manufactured on the largest in Russia specialized plant, based in St. Petersburg. All Uvenco vending machines are connected to Uonline – Russia-developed online telemetry platform.

By using modern technologies, unified quality standards the company secures status of undisputed industry leader and provides unique competitive advantages, allowing the company to implement complex projects of any scale.

Boris Belotserkovsky - Owner of vending operator "UVENCO".

V-TELL Group of companies
Official Supplier of the Forum

V-TELL - A Global Mobile Operator. V-TELL, Group of Companies includes branches in the USA, Holland, Russia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, and Hong Kong. The V-TELL team has developed an innovative product that allows Subscribers to have roaming-free access to a single "Home Network" between countries.

The innovative Smart CLI technology allows for the Caller ID on the receiving parties’ device, in any country, to automatically display the Subscribers local number of the receiving parties’ country. Therefore, the Subscriber can stay in contact with their clients, banks, government agencies, new and existing business partners as if they never left their country.

A V-TELL Subscribers’ contacts can always reach them using a local phone number of their home country, regardless which country the Subscriber is in at the time. Meanwhile, the Subscribers physical location always remains confidential due to the prerecorded English messages on their device.

Felix Vakhovsky - Founder of V-TELL