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Bank DOM.RF is a mortgage and construction bank with a widespread federal service network. Included in the TOP-3 Russian banks in terms of the volume of mortgage loans issued and the volume of project financing for developers (an authorized bank in the field of housing construction since 2018).

Provides a full range of services for individuals and small businesses, as well as a wide selection of traditional banking products and services.

Artyom Fedorko is the Chairman of the Board of the Bank DOM.RF.

Artyom Fedorko

Russian Environmental Operator (REO)
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Russian Environmental Operator (REO) is a state-owned company established by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation for the purpose of the formation of a federal waste management system. Its purposes also include the reduction of generation of waste and the development of waste processing infrastructure, the provision of industrial investment support, the involvement of waste in economic circulation, the creation of a new environmental culture among the population and the promotion of separate waste collection. By 2030, 100% of generated waste in Russia will be sorted, and the amount of waste that ends up on landfills will be reduced by half. The development of the circular economy will allow the recycled waste to be used in the construction of roads and buildings, in agriculture and other industries.