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Alma Valley
VinoGrad Space Tasting Partner

Alma Valley is a gravity-fed winery and 600 hectares of vineyards at the foothills of the Outer Ridge of the Crimean Mountains.

Gravity winery promotes careful processing of wine, preserving its quality and natural complexity. This approach allows to create wines with great aging potential. We also adhere to the principles of sustainability: saving energy and water. We do not use insecticides, herbicides or ovicides, and we fertilize the soil only before planting the vines. Our priority is the quality of the wines, not the quantity of grapes.

Modern equipment helps Alma Valley agronomists and winemakers to grow quality grapes and create terroir wine, to implement any ideas without limitations and to fully control complex production processes.

Winemaker Vladimir Gubin is responsible for the production of red and rosé wines, Marina Buryleva makes white and sparkling wines. The team also includes Antonio Maccieri , an oenologist and winemaker from Italy.

Alma Valley is a place where winemakers can fully reach their professional potential.

Oleg Khuzin - Commercial Director of Alma Valley

Wine-Tasting Zone Participant

Winekeys is a Russian manufacturer of premium wine cabinets, humidors, fur cabinets, and specialized air conditioners.

The company started its operations in 2014 as a representative of the Hungarian brand Dunavox in Russia. It has also become a representative of the Italian brands Enofrigo and GEMM, as well as the English brand Bermar.

Since 2019, it has begun manufacturing custom wine cabinets and has already implemented over 30 unique projects in restaurants and elite country houses across Russia.

In 2023, they launched their own line of serial production and in 2024 were selected by Skolkovo as an innovative company.

The company is capable of solving any engineering challenge with the production of premium equipment or interior elements.

Currently, the company is in the process of seeking an investor to scale up production.

Dmitriy Ledovskoy - CEO

“Krinitsa Winery”
Wine-Tasting Zone Participant

“Krinitsa Winery” is a premium wine created with an organic approach and elements of gravitational winemaking, combining the experience of France and the unique terroir of the Black Sea coast.

The vineyards of Krinitsa Winery are the southernmost in the Krasnodar region. They were laid down in 2016, and in 2022 the elegant wines of the estate made their debut on the Russian market and immediately gained their connoisseurs. Under the leadership of the winery's chief oenologist, Alexander Muruzi, masterpieces are created that combine thousands of years of European winemaking experience, the work of Russian specialists and the uniqueness of natural and climatic factors. The winery is located in the valley of the Pshada River, bordering on one side with a protected pine forest, and on the other - with the shore of the Black Sea

The concept and architecture of the building provides a unique opportunity to produce wine using the gravity method from harvest reception to bottling, without the use of pumps.

The pride of the Krinitsa Winery is the wine cellar, a metaphor for a cave whose walls were

rolled by the sea, but not due to its strength, but due to the constancy of time, which allowed the waves

wash the surface, ultimately giving it soft, curved shapes. Unique design

The cellar can simultaneously accommodate more than 2,000 barrels of wine.

“Krinitsa Winery” are wines created with attention and respect for nature.

«Derbent Wine»
Wine-Tasting Zone Participant

«Derbent Wine» is a young modern enterprise that produces products made from grapes are grown in the Dagestan wine-growing zone. The vineyards are located in the south of Russia, in Derbent – surrounded by mountains, nature reserves and the Caspian Sea. The area of the company’s vineyards are more than 1000 hectares. This allows to use only own grapes in the production of products and guarantee full control and stability of quality at all stages.

The product portfolio includes a wide assortment of sparkling and still wines.


Wine-Tasting Zone Participant

SoleRamici LLC is producer of high quality dry-cured salame and cured hams using traditional Italian technologies. The plant is based in the Moscow region, Solnechogorsk. Total territory of the enterprise is 20000 m² of which the production area is 4000 m² , equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows the production capacity 65 tons of dry-cured salame and cured hams.

SoleRamici team are passionate professionals who work with pleasure and complete dedication so that you can enjoy delicious gourmet salame and cured hams. By following authentic Italian recipe and undergoing careful, patient maturation, SOLEMICI create true works of Art! Each evokes admiration… Admiration of taste! The manufacturers range includes all type of classics salame and cured hams, as well as exclusive types of products that will be appreciated by real gourmets!

“Divnomorskoye Estate”
Wine-Tasting Zone Participant

“Divnomorskoye Estate” is a southern terroir of the Krasnodar region, located in the village of Divnomorskoye, not far from Gelendzhik. Picturesque vineyards are spread out on a plateau along a steep cliff. The Black Sea, Pitsunda pines, shell, rapan are the symbols of the winery, which are reflected on the labels of the Divnomorskoye Estate wine collection. This is the place where enogastronomic ideas are formed and aesthetic ideas are formed.

Respect for nature has been one of the main operating principles from the very beginning. Today, 21 grape varieties are grown here, and small areas have also been allocated for experimental plantings of “Vermentino”, “Teroldego”, “Malbec”, “Montepulciano” and “Rose Muscat” and other experimental varieties of the farm. The total area of vineyards is more than 145 hectares. “Divnomorskoe Estate” is distinguished by a limited release of wines from each vintage and precise alcohol content, which is marked down to a tenth of a percent.

The winery building is located in close proximity to the vineyards, so the harvest travels a minimal distance from the vine to processing. The building itself is made in a modern architectural style, entirely made of wood, which allows the entire winery to literally “breathe” fresh sea air. To age the wine, large oval Botti barrels and classic barriques made of French and Russian oak are used.

The combination of a unique terroir, innovative equipment and technology allows us to produce wines of the highest class. Today the farm produces more than 20 dry still wines and 7 classic sparkling wines.