Business Priority

NFT: Business in Virtual Reality. Investing in Nothing

16 Jun , 09:45–11:00
The Investor's Compass: New Businesses
Pavilion G, Business Priority

The NFT market capitalization could grow by 4.5 times by 2027. However, like any new technology, there are ups and downs. Today, many people are discussing the market crash and fear for the future value of digital assets. The prospects of digitalization of business and the use of NFT on the one hand can improve the life of modern man, simplify business operations, and protect their resources, but on the other hand have a volatility risk. How to build a business in a virtual reality? Why is it profitable? And what will help secure your investment?

Evgenia Plotnikova, Founder, NFT CONF Ed Community
Pavel Khristenko, General Director, Digital Productivity Technologies, Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization

Nikolai Apurin, Chief Executive Officer, Artwell and Founder Cat Give Credit
Evgenia Belousova, Editor-in-Chief of the TG-channel Luis Ivanovich Vyuton; Founder of the NFT CONF Ed-community
Viktor Yesheev, Chief Executive Officer, World Fashion Channel
Руслан Мусин, Supervisor, NFT Marketplace Joy Space
Roman Sovalov, General Director, SOVINTEGRA Company