Business Priority

The Growth Energy of Russian Innovative Business: FoodAgroTech

16 Jun , 11:15–12:30
Pavilion G, Business Priority

Overpopulation, a growing carbon footprint, and limited resources on the planet are the main reasons why people will have to rethink food production and consumption. The issue of solving the global food problem around the world is as serious as never before. The United Nations predicts that world population will reach 9.7 billion people by 2050. Radical changes are taking place in food production and logistics. How do we steer societies towards responsible and sensible consumption? Who can introduce biodegradable packaging and new storage methods? Will robotization in the industry improve the quality of services? What technologies will ensure food safety? Will alternative approaches to food change people's lives?

Kirill Kaem, Senior Vice-President for Innovations, Skolkovo Foundation
Marianna Scragan, Director, Business Priority

Experts and jurors
Iskander Bariev, First Vice-Rector - Deputy Director of Innopolis University
Elena Baturova, Director of the Center for of Development of Financial Technologies, Russian Agricultural Bank
Dmitry Konyaev, General Director, URALCHEM
Oksana Kuznetsova, Director, Federal Scientific Center for Food Systems named after V.M. Gorbatov of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Maria Maryasova, Chief Executive Officer, Accelerator Lobachevsky
Dmitriy Mokhov, General Director of Innovation Holding LLC
Evgeny Nezhdanov, Vice-President of OPSOYUZ
Maxim Protasov, Head, Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo)
Renat Khalimov, General Director, Innopolis Special Economic Zone
Yuri Cherches, Chairman of the Board of the Roscongress Foundation

Nikolay Belousov, Founder, "Henrarium" Project (Moscow)
Sergey Butenko, General Director, LLC "L'vinka" (Moscow)
Elvira Vilhovaya, Head of Status Priority (Moscow)
Victoria Dolgikh, Founder, General Director, Healthy Bread (Zdorovy Khleb)
Nikita Evseev, Development Manager, Plant Factory LLC (St. Petersburg)
Alexander Ermakov, Co-founder, BioEra LLC (Moscow)
Anna Nenakhova, General Director, Uralchem ​​Innovation LLC
Artem Simonyants, General Director, Kiumi LLC (Krasnodar)
Anton Stepanov, General Director, "Hemoscan" LLC (Perm)