Business Priority

Digital and Technological Transformation and Automation: A Pathway for Russian Business

16 Jun , 15:40–16:55
Pavilion G, Business Priority

The digital and technological transformation of a company is a litmus test of business competitiveness. Studies confirm that a high percentage of business executives understand the importance of modernization and are working to fix inefficient work processes. Russian entrepreneurs also view automation as the key to increasing productivity and competitiveness. The panel will discuss technologies, solutions and strategies to help businesses move to the next level of digital transformation and away from obsolete technological processes, their investment effectiveness and the opportunities they provide given the transition to Russian high tech products. Industry leaders will share how innovation in IT is creating business value, whether this means creating a competitive advantage, optimizing business processes, driving growth, or enhancing customer relations in the new environment. They will discuss new challenges and opportunities of doing business that they see today. They will also share their opinions on where investment should be directed to drive digital and technological transformation. Major industrial companies will jointly present their proposals for building actionable and deliverable roadmaps for digitalization and business automation.

Alexander Aivazov, Senior Vice President of Investment and Business Development, VK
Ilya Massukh, Director, Competence Centre for the Import Substitution of Information and Communication Technologies
Kirill Menshov, Senior Vice President for Information Technology, Rostelekom
Ekaterina Solntseva, Chief Digital Officer, State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM
Marina Tyunyaeva, Special Correspondent, Vedomosti
Anton Ustimenko, Expert