Business Priority

Innovative Approach to the Investment Potential of Tyumen Region

16 Jun , 17:05–18:20
The Investor's Compass: New Businesses
Pavilion G, Business Priority

Tyumen is one of the most appealing regions of the Russian Federation for investment projects and implementation of innovations.
Consistently ranked a top-15 Russian region by the National Rating for the investment climate in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, in 2018 Tyumen took the first place. It also ranks highly in other categories, such as management performance, the quality of life in large cities, road quality, environment, and sports facilities and events. Large scientific and technological centres, located in the city of Tyumen, allow to actively develop innovations. The leadership qualities of the region are confirmed by the McKinsey & Company research. It concluded that Tyumen would be one of the 600 top cities in the world, which together would make up 70% of global GDP.
With the growth of industry and innovation in the Tyumen region, it is becoming a supplier of high-tech solutions for the oil and gas industry. The region's excellent business climate has driven the establishment of an R&D cluster of national importance, and there has been a growth in equipment manufacturing and oilfield services to meet the strategic needs of the oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation.
An innovative petrochemical cluster like no other is currently being built in the region, which will connect manufacturing and service companies of the Tobolsk industrial site and petrochemical processing plants. One of the overall goals of the cluster is to increase import substitution in Russia's petrochemical industry.
This session will be devoted to the above and other innovative directions which will drive sustainable development of the Tyumen Region.

Anton Mashukov, Director of the Department of Investment Policy and State Support of Entrepreneurship of the Tyumen Region
Alexander Moor, Governor of Tyumen Region
Olga Romanets, Director General of the Tyumen Region Infrastructure Development Agency
Igor Smolyagin, Deputy Director General of the Tyumen Region Investment Agency Foundation