Business programme

Youth and Education in the New Reality

18 Jun , 10:00–11:15
International Youth Economic Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G6

As the relations between Russia and unfriendly countries become more complicated, the development of digital education has become an acute issue. A number of international companies have suspended their educational activities in Russia, while obstacles are also being created for Russian students abroad and inter-university cooperation overall. It is obvious that successful implementation of the national programme entitled "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation," strengthening independent digital infrastructure, preventing "brain drain", and further development of the state requires joint discussion of both the new educational challenges that Russia is facing, and application of successful international experience. How can import substitution be accomplished in the area of education technology? How do other countries develop independent educational infrastructure (Iran, China)? How can we support digital education for young people? How is the digital transformation of universities in Russia going and what are the prospects? What is the role of IT in the development of young people's educational skills? What are the prospects of student exchanges in the SCO countries?

Stanislav Surovtsev, Vice Rector for Youth Policy, Social Work and International Relations, MGIMO University

Konstantin Abramov, General Director, Russian Opinion Research Foundation VCIOM
Madeleine Baturina, Head, All-Russian Project "Your Move"
Elizabeth Belyakova, Chair, Children's Digital Protection Alliance
Grigoriy Gurov, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
Kuanish Ergaliev, Vice Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (online)
Sergey Mardanov, Director of University Relations, VK
Amir Sarakov, Vice President for Young Professionals, Superjob

Front row participant
Valentina Kurenkova, Director for Government Relations, Deputy General Director, Netology (online)