Business programme

Inclusive Entrepreneurship for the Young

18 Jun , 14:00–15:15
International Youth Economic Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G7

As Russia becomes more inclusive, business landscape changes as well. Statistics show that the share of people with disabilities among entrepreneurs is constantly on the rise. This is partly due to the fact that the variability of behaviour of a person with a disability in the labour market is much lower than the variability of behaviour of a person without a disability. Launching private entrepreneurial projects is becoming an important part of achieving self-actualization and economic independence for people with disabilities. In addition, in April 2022 a bill was introduced in the State Duma that would allow individual entrepreneurs with disabilities who do not have employees to obtain the status of a social enterprise. This amendment will enable entrepreneurs with disabilities to count on support from the state and development institutions (special support measures for social enterprises include grants, subsidies, preferential loans, educational programmes, preferential provision of property). Increasing involvement is a serious tool that will help reduce unemployment among persons with disabilities, including young people, and improve their quality of life. In what areas do people with disabilities try to find fulfilment as entrepreneurs? What are the main methods to promote their projects? What material and non-material support is needed from government, non-profit and private organizations? Is there a difference in how an inclusive entrepreneur and a non-disabled entrepreneur organize business processes? Is it necessary to change the law and introduce a legal status for an "inclusive entrepreneur"? Do inclusive entrepreneurs provide more concessions than non-disabled entrepreneurs? Which existing projects can help development the support measures?

Natalya Kremneva, Director, Social Projects Support Fund; Deputy Director, Social Projects Direction, Agency for Strategic Initiatives

Yuliya Zhigulina, Managing Director, The Foundation of Regional Social Programs "Our Future"
Elena Kirilenko, General Director, Keleanz Medical
Dmitry Maslennikov, Director for Strategic Development and Cooperation with Partners, City Without Borders project
Nikolay Muravyov, Founder, VR GO Project
Igor Novikov, Co-founder, Everland; Head, Space of Equal Opportunities
Mikhail Osokin, Deputy Chairman, All-Russian Society of the Disabled
Anna Khryastunova, Director, Community of Entrepreneurs with Disabilities