Business programme

Filmmaking in the New Reality

17 Jun , 17:00–18:15
The Russian Economy: New Objectives and Horizons
Pavilion H, Krasnodar Region Hall

In the face of harsh sanctions pressure, the Russian film industry has found itself in an unprecedented situation. Major Western film companies have left the domestic film market, and Russian film producers have lost co-production partners. As a consequence, many promising projects have been put on hold. How will the Russian film industry develop under the sanctions? What anti-crisis measures to support the film industry during a period of high volatility is the state ready to offer, both at the federal and regional levels? What niches in the film market are open to domestic filmmakers today? What majors in film education will be a priority in the near future? Are animation film technoparks a new growth point in filmmaking? Will the demand for Russian film festivals increase against the backdrop of sanctions restrictions?

Yulia Makarova, Anchor, Russia 24 TV Channel
Konstantin Sidorkov, Director of Music and Event Projects, VK

Rodion Pavlyuchik, President, Group of Companies "PRIOR"
Alexander Ruppel, Deputy Head of Administration (Governor) of Krasnodar Region
Sergey Selyanov, Chairman of Board, Association of Film and Television Producers (AFTP); Head, STV Film Company
Fedor Sosnov, Executive Director, Federal Fund for Economic and Social Support of the Russian Cinematography (Cinema Fund)
Aleksey Uchitel, Russian Film Director, General Director, Creative Production Association ROCK
Konstantin Ernst, General Director, Channel One Russia
Inessa Yurchenko, General Producer, Triix Media

Front row participants
Armen Ananikyan, Producer, Co-founder, Fresh-Film Film Company
Marina Belova, Deputy General Director, Director of Programs and Marketing, 5TV
Viktor Budilov, General Producer, Gamma
Ivan Golovomzyuk, General Director, 1-2-3 Production; Deputy General Director for Production, TV-3 TV Channel
lga Zhukova, Executive Director, Association of Film and Television Producers
Yulianna Medvedeva, General Producer, MEDVEDFILM PRODUCTION Film Company
Albert Ryabyshev, General Director, Producer, Co-founder, FILM
Alexander Sotnikov, Producer, Director, Black Sea Film Studio
Vladimir Utin, General Director, Lean-M Producer Centre (Sony Pictures Television in Russia)