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Dictatorship of Neoliberalism with Russian Fellow Countrymen’s Eyes Abroad

16 Jun , 09:00–10:15
Investment in Development as Investment in People
Congress Centre, conference hall E11

The anti-Russian campaign being waged by Western nations to suppress everything linked to Russia, its history, culture and language, has brought into sharp focus the true worldview of supporters of neoliberalism. Geopolitical interests have turned out to be more important than the standards and values of democracy proclaimed by the West itself. In the Russophobic frenzy, political strategists are applying double standards and unilateral “sanction” mechanisms in the field of human rights. These mechanisms essentially constitute tools for putting illegitimate pressure on objectionable states and their citizens, and are at odds with the fundamental principles of international law. Since the start of the special military operation in the Ukraine, Russians and our fellow countrymen have faced discrimination on an unprecedented scale in a number of Western countries due to their affiliation with the “Russian World”. With its attempts at “cancelling” Russia, the West has once and for all confirmed the inferiority of ultraliberalism and its inconsistency with the ideals of liberal democracy at a fundamental level. How can we counteract anti-Russian sentiment of political and ideological origin abroad? How can we fight discrimination? Which measures are being taken to help those who have faced various forms of oppression and constraint in the West?

Mikhail Shakhnazarov, Journalist, Publicist

Elena Branson, Chair of the Russian Community Council of the USA 2018-2021; Founder of “Together with Russia” Public Organization
Aleksey Esakov, Human Rights Activist
Maria Zakharova, Director, Department of Information and the Press, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
Marat Kasem, Chief Editor, Sputnik Lithuania
Dmitriy Kiseliev, General Director, "Rossiya Segodnya" International Information Agency
Oleg Nikitin, Entrepreneur
Timofei Sergeitsev, Publicist, Journalist
Konstantin Yaroshenko, Public Figure