Business programme

The Role of Quantum Computers in Responding to Global Challenges

04 Jun , 17:00–18:15
New Technology Frontiers
Congress Centre, conference hall E11

The digital era in which we live owes much to quantum physics, and computers, smart phones, memory cards, and many other devices are direct results of research in the field and have become an irreplaceable part of our everyday lives. However, innovations and applications in this field have far from exhausted their potential, and functional quantum computers may soon appear. These will be capable of things that were, until recently, only possible in science fiction. Such computing power far exceeds modern supercomputers, and applications may range from developing medicines for currently incurable diseases to modelling new materials, and cracking any system using classical cryptographic methods. Meanwhile, the events of the past year have shown that there are global threats capable of affecting the global economy and changing everyone’s lives. Will quantum computing become the answer to many major challenges facing humanity in the near future?

Ruslan Yunusov, Head, National Quantum Laboratory (NQL)

Thierry Botter, Head, Airbus Blue Sky, Airbus (online)
Alexander Galitsky, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Almaz Capital
Arkady Dvorkovich, Chairman, Skolkovo Foundation
Dmitry Zauers, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprombank
Tommaso Calarco, Author of the European Program for the Development of Quantum Technologies Quantum Flagship
Ekaterina Solntseva, Chief Digital Officer, State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM