Business programme

A Virtual Export Centre: Building a Digital Platform to Foster International Trade

05 Jun , 12:00–13:15
International Youth Economic Forum
Pavilion H, conference hall H22 (first floor)

The pandemic led to borders being closed and flights being cancelled. As a result, the international business community has begun to reassess traditional communication tools and channels. The widespread proliferation of digital technology and new communication platforms has played an essential role in fostering international trade. Various innovative solutions aimed at ensuring continuous interaction between exporters and importers have already emerged in several countries. These virtual export centres are helping to bring together manufacturers and buyers from across the globe. What online communication solutions are businesses in other countries using? How do users of these platforms interact? What can be done to ensure that a communications platform of this kind is effective?

Pavel Dolgov, Vice President, Association of Exporters and Importers

Jalal Benbrahim, Founder, Wink Consulting (online)
Irina Zasedatel, Founder, Kamerton +
Vladimir Maslov, Director of Digital Development, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
Ilya Mikin, General Manager, iHerb Russia
Vyacheslav Reshetnik, Chairman of the Board, Technology Modernization and Development Fund
Yury Rudakov, President, National Eco-Resource Union of Wild Plant Procurers and Processors

Front row participants
Jakov Despot, Head, Croatian Chamber of Economy
Ivan Polyakov, Advisor to President, Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs