Business programme

BRICS: Deepening Trade and Economic Cooperation

16 Jun , 11:00–12:15
The New Economic Order: Responding to the Challenges of the Time
Congress Centre, conference hall B3

The economies of all countries around the world have faced unprecedented challenges and trials in recent years. Traditional methods of cooperation and forms of business collaboration have undergone significant changes. The whole world is waiting for positive news and drivers that could restart the global economy and provide a new impetus for growth. The BRICS association has enormous potential for trade and economic cooperation. In 2022, the BRICS chairmanship will pass to China. What new ideas will Beijing offer to intensify cooperation within the five countries? How can BRICS mechanisms be most effectively used to propel national economies and the global economy as a whole to a new level of development? Which sectors of the national economies of BRICS countries will see the greatest competitiveness in these new conditions?

Sergey Katyrin, President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Alexey Kulapin, General Director, Russian Energy Agency (REA) of the Ministry of Energy of Russia
Busi Mabuza, Chair, Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (online)
Sergey Pavlov, First Deputy Managing Director, Russian Railways
Mikhail Rybnikov, Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors, Member of the Management Board, PhosAgro
Sergey Storchak, Senior Banker, VEB.RF
Anil Sooklal, Sherpa of the Republic of South Africa in BRICS (online)
Song Yang, General Secretary, China Chapter of BRICS Business Council (online)

Front row participants
Sammy Kotwani, President, Indian Business Alliance (IBA)
Alexander Osipov, Governor of Trans-Baikal Territory