Business programme

How have the Priorities of Russian Philanthropists and CSR Managers Changed?

17 Jun , 17:00–18:15
Investment in Development as Investment in People
Pavilion G, conference hall G2

The charitable sector in Russia is most often associated with the largest fundraising foundations. The contribution of donor organizations to the development of philanthropy is estimated at 100 to 300 billion roubles annually. Corporate foundations and socially responsible companies not only implement their own programmes, but also act as donors of funds for the development of the sector and its infrastructure. They provide grants for project implementation, co-finance training and internships for non-profit organizations’ employees, support research and various activities of the sector. Reduced revenues, the closing of borders, the departure of foreign companies from Russia, and the lack of Russian software analogues have led to new challenges for the development of the charitable sector. The stability of the charitable community as a whole will depend on whether donors can support public organizations and projects. How have sanctions and the new economic and political reality affected the landscape of the charitable sector? What challenges will Russian charities face in the nearest future? How to rethink and reconstruct the model of partnership between the state, non-profits and business in order to minimize social tensions in the regions? What can the non-financial contribution of foundations and companies be? How to motivate business to participate in charitable projects?

Vadim Kovalev, First Deputy Executive Director, Russian Managers Association

Aleksandra Boldyreva, Executive Director, Donors Forum Association
Natalya Eremina, President, United Metallurgical Company
Oksana Kosachenko, President, Sistema Charitable Foundation
Julia Mazanova, Deputy General Director for Sustainable Development and Corporate Communications, Management Company METALLOINVEST
Vladimir Torin, Director for Communications, Mineral and Chemical Company EuroChem
Eugenia Tyurikova, Head, Sberbank Private Banking

Front row participant
Elena Beregovaya, Director, Charity Foundation for the Promotion of Social and Cultural Initiatives and Guardianship "Way of Life"