Business programme

The Development of Infrastructure in Large Cities and Urban Innovation: Transforming Territories

16 Jun , 17:00–18:15
The Russian Economy: New Objectives and Horizons
Congress Centre, conference hall D2

Rampant urbanization and the high density of metropolitan areas around the world have left an indelible mark both on the nature of today’s urban environment and the larger natural ecosystems that support it. With urban migration expected to grow in the future, we must strive to meet the growing demand for housing and modern public infrastructure that will handle the influx of new residents looking for the opportunity to quickly solve all their problems in one place in the proper manner. Combined with people’s growing needs and the slow pace of infrastructural development, we must rethink the current paradigms of urban development by shaping a new face of modern civilization that has adapted to ‘vertical urbanism’ in ‘cities of the future’, which requires new integrated approaches, including those related to the efficient use of already existing infrastructure, such as space above railway tracks. Large run-down industrial and expensive areas in the centres of megapolises are being used inefficiently and cannot even reach 50% of their potential given the current dynamic growth in consumption due to their outdated infrastructure and a lack of modern solutions. What is the best way to make city life attractive for people who love country lifestyles? What actions and procedures need to be taken to ensure the transformation of such territories? What additional funding mechanisms should be developed to create an innovative, highly lucrative, comfortable, and eco-friendly environment?

Pavel Seleznev, General Director, Public-Private Partnership Development Center

Alexey Danilenko, Chief Executove Officer, AS&AD Architectural Bureau (online)
Vladimir Koshelev, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for Construction, Housing and Communal Services
Elena Martynova, Deputy Head,The Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr)
Alexander Plutnik, Deputy Managing Director, Russian Railways
Alexander Tarabrin, Head of Asset Management Department, VEB.RF
Dmitry Yalov, Deputy Chairman of the Leningrad Region Government, Chairman of the Committee on Economic Development and Investment Activity of the Leningrad Region