Business programme

Lack of Active Players on Global Digital Markets Creates New Opportunities for Competition

17 Jun , 12:00–13:15
The Russian Economy: New Objectives and Horizons
Congress Centre, conference hall B4

Digital markets have been severely impacted by the current shifting geopolitical landscape. Since the industry's inception, without strict regulation or oversight, digital companies have found themselves competing globally and in close alignment with competitors. This is both a key strength and weakness of digital markets. Now that restrictions have been imposed on foreign companies in Russia and Russian companies in global markets, competition is much lower, and business models need to be re-imagined. Do the shifting competitive conditions constitute a loss for the market? How can we best facilitate and promote competition?

Sergey Zverev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, CROS

Marina Amelina, Chairman, GR-Club RAEC
Ricardo Medeiros de Castro, Deputy Chief Economist, Administrative Council for Economic Defense of the Federative Republic of Brazil - CADE (online)
Aleksey Ivanov, Director, HSE - Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development, International BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Jian Liu, Director of Digital Economy Enforcement Division, Department of Anti-monoply Enforcement, State Administration for Market Regulation of the People's Republic of China (online)
Anatoly Pechatnikov, Deputy President – Chairman of the Management Board, VTB Bank
Kirill Tsarev, First Deputy Chairman of the Board, Sberbank
Maksut Shadaev, Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
Maksim Shaskolskiy, Head, Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation (FAS Russia)