Business programme

Information Warfare: National Media Sovereignty Protection

16 Jun , 15:00–16:15
Modern Technology for Humanity: Building a Responsible Future
Congress Centre, conference hall B4

Digital resources, federal TV channels, online media and other media assets are constantly being subjected to cyber attacks. The incident that occurred in May 2022 involving the national RuTube video-hosting site was the biggest in the history not only of this site, but of the entire Runet. The attempt at permanently destabilizing Russia’s biggest digital resource has put the issue of the cybersecurity of media assets on a par with such government objectives as protecting the country’s sovereignty, healthcare and education.
At the session, media company executives, government officials and representatives of the information security industry will discuss the lessons to be learnt by Russia for its secure digital future, the steps to be taken to create a centre of competence in cybersecurity in the media sphere, measures to strengthen the protection of citizens’ personal data, and the level of danger that such attacks present to business processes.

Vadim Takmenev, Anchor, NTV Broadcasting Company

Denis Baranov, Chief Executive Officer, Positive Technologies
Alexander Zharov, Chief Executive Officer, Gazprom-Media Holding
Anton Ivanov, Director for Research and Development, Kaspersky Lab
Igor Lyapunov, Vice President for Information Security, Rostelecom
Tatyana Matveeva, Chief, Presidential Directorate for the Development of Information and Communication Technology and Communication Infrastructure
Ruslan Novikov, General Director, Argumenty I Facty

Front row participants
Alexander Moiseev, Deputy General Director, Gazprom-Media Holding; General Director, Rutube
Nikolay Murashov, Deputy Director, National Computer Incident Response and Coordination Centre