Business programme

Union State: Economic Integration – New Challenges

16 Jun , 15:00–16:15
The New Economic Order: Responding to the Challenges of the Time
Pavilion G, conference hall G5

Significant changes in the structure of international economy dictate the need to deepen cooperation between Russia and Belarus based on equality and consideration of national interests, while ensuring their economic security for both. After signing 28 Union Programmes in November 2021, the Union State enters a truly unprecedented cooperation phase between the two countries. Single synchronized policies must appear in the industrial field, in the agricultural sphere, and in the area of finance, while the efforts of the social block ministries should be united. How are the adopted Union programmes put into practice? What changes are most demanded by business at the moment? What do large industrial enterprises need to implement import substitution initiatives? How is cooperation in high-tech spheres and partnership in science and technology implemented under current conditions? What does the development of integration processes give to the citizens of the two countries?

Dmitry Mezentsev, State Secretary of the Union State of Russia and Belarus

Dmitry Volvach, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Daniil Egorov, Head, Federal Tax Service of Russia
Vladimir Koltovich, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus
Michail Miatlikov, Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Alexey Overchuk, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Sergey Sinelnikov - Murylev, Rector, Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Nikolay Snopkov, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus
Dmitry Kharitonchik, Deputy Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus
Alexander Shokhin, President, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs