Creative Business Forum

Creating an Architectural Identity for Northern Cities

15 Jun , 10:00–11:30
The Creative Industries of the North
Hilton ExpoForum (2nd floor), Hilton Hall
As part of the events of the Russian Federation’s Arctic Council Chairmanship 2021–2023

Territorial branding is more than just adhering to a ‘corporate identity’: it is about building an entire philosophy of the region, based on its symbolic capital (historical and cultural traditions, ethno-cultural diversity, heritage), as well as the development of satellite projects and events, tourist routes, creative ideas. For the Northern regions, territorial branding can be a tool to increase investment attractivity. What are the key trends in the development of modern cities? What strategies are applicable to the regions of the North and the Arctic? What is the role of creative industries in the competitiveness of Northern territories? Do Northern regions and local businesses need branding and how to develop it? What economic and social effect can be expected from the creation of a territorial brand? How can the identity of Northern cities be preserved and strengthened using modern technologies of the creative sector? How to scale successful examples of territorial branding?

Evgeniya Murinets, Director, Urban Policy Institute

Elena Bezdenezhnykh, Vice President for Regional Policy and Government and Administration Relations, RUSAL
Andrey Grachev, Vice President for Federal and Regional Programs, Norilsk Nickel
Sergei Zverkov,
Konstantin Korotov, General Director, Kamchatka Development Corporation
Petr Kudryavtsev, Founder, Citymakers
Afanasiy Savvin, General Director, Sakha Republic Development Corporation
Vladimir Torin, Director for Communications, Mineral and Chemical Company EuroChem
Viktoria Chulanova, Deputy Director, Head of the Direction "Development of the Urban Environment", Norilsk Development Agency