Creative Business Forum

Opportunities, Specifics, and Potential of the Film Industry of the North

15 Jun , 12:15–13:45
The Creative Industries of the North
Hilton ExpoForum (2nd floor), Hilton Hall
As part of the events of the Russian Federation’s Arctic Council Chairmanship 2021–2023

Northern films have been labelled a phenomenon in the entertainment industry in recent years. Most importantly, it is distinctly different from conventional movies. Symbols and shared cultural imagery give the viewer a sense of a genuine journey into an uncharted region. Further development of Northern films primarily needs an efficient system involving a full production cycle, a significant expansion of promotion and distribution channels, the development of a regional ecosystem with its own development centres, and stable business relations between all the participants. What opportunities and constraints exist today in film production in the Northern territories? What steps need to be taken to create a full-cycle film industry there? Does the territory need its own film production facilities? Who should be the key partners at home and abroad for the further development of Northern films? What impact can the Northern film industry have in the coming years on the social and economic development of the North and the achievement of the national development goals of the Russian Federation? How does the North attract directors and screenwriters?

Oleg Ivanov, Head of Research, Film Institute, National Research University Higher School of Economics

Irina Belova, General Director, Enisey-kino
Alexey Okhlopkov, First Deputy Governor of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area–Yugra
Sardana Savvina, Head, Autonomous Institution of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) of the State National Film Company "Sahafilm"
Anatoly Semenov, Minister of Innovations, Digital Development and Communication Technologies of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Petr Chiryaev, Director, Yakutsk Republican Cinema Network
Fedor Scherbakov, General Director, Lenfilm Film Studio
Dmitry Yakunin, Deputy Executive Director of the Regional Film Support Fund of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia in Cinema