Creative Business Forum

Arctic Cuisine: From Complete Obscurity to Mass Demand

15 Jun , 12:15–13:45
The Creative Industries of the North
Passage in zone F, Social Platform of the Roscongress Foundation
As part of the events of the Russian Federation’s Arctic Council Chairmanship 2021–2023

Gastronomy today is turning into a fast-growing innovative sphere and acts as a driver for the development of related industries. The use of a gastronomic brands increases the visibility and popularity of territories, regional products, and local cuisine. As a result, culinary traditions of small indigenous peoples become an integral part of the tourist image. In the new economy of impressions, gastronomy is becoming a tool to learn about local traditions and Arctic flavour. It helps draw attention to the Arctic regions, to the life of the peoples of the Far North. What challenges does the industry face in developing the catering sector in the tourism infrastructure? How is it possible to introduce Arctic cuisine into the tourist infrastructure of cities and what economic effect can be expected? What projects are being implemented to popularize the Northern cuisine? What formats of gastronomic tourism are applicable to the Northern territories? How do the culinary traditions of the indigenous peoples of the North give a competitive advantage to the tourist product?

Ekaterina Shapovalova, Author-methodologist, Head, Gastronomic Map of Russia Project

Nikolay Atlasov, Co-owner, Chef, Atlasov Estate Restaurant
Olga Belonogova, Founder, Tasty Karjala project (online)
Igor Bukharov, President, Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers
Natalia Marzoeva, President, Gastronomic Seasons Festival
Anna Popova, Head of the project office, Murmansk Arctic State University (online)