Creative Business Forum

Education and Training for the Creative Economy

15 Jun , 10:00–11:30
Transformation in the World and Growth in the Creative Economy
Pavilion G, conference hall G5

The integration of creative industries into the educational process is becoming an important trend and necessity of the 21st century. Although creative projects are often seen in terms of social and cultural effects, creativity is an integral part of every sector of the economy – from the nuclear industry to agriculture to construction. Instead of looking for talented graduates after the fact, it is beneficial to take an active part in education and further self-actualization of future professionals early on. How can the university environment respond faster and more effectively to the challenges of the changing world? How can they create conditions for self-fulfilment of young people? What skills and competences are in short supply today and what trades should universities focus on? How can graduates of creative universities really influence the country's economic growth? Who sets the terms in creative industries: employers or employees? Why is it necessary to encourage cooperation between business and educational institutions and can this bring tangible results and achievements in the near future?

Ekaterina Cherkes-zade, Head, Universal University

Tatyana Abankina, Director, Center for Creative Economy, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Ivan Burlyaev, Composer; Head, Film Music Association, Russian Musical Union
Borislav Volodin, Director, National Open Championship of Creative Competencies Art Masters
Maxim Dreval, General Director, Russian "Znanie" Society
Dmitry Krutov, General Director, Skillbox
Dmitry Mednikov, Managing Director, Russian Media Group
Hans-Joachim Frey, Artistic Director, Talent and Success Foundation

Front row participant
Asya Filippova, Director, Creative Industries Center FABRIKA