Creative Business Forum

NFT: Market Reality or a Flash in the Pan?

15 Jun , 14:30–16:00
Transformation in the World and Growth in the Creative Economy
Pavilion G, conference hall G4

In the spring of 2021, the art world was hit by a wave of NFTs. Sales of non-fungible tokens increased 20-fold in April, and in August trading volumes on OpenSea, an NFT marketplace surpassed USD 800 million mark. This was followed by record sales at auctions, including Christie's, growing number of trading platforms, and a massive influx of artists into blockchain. It seems that the question of whether NFT will pass the test of time is no longer relevant. But will "is everybody going to the future"? What awaits the NFT market: breakthrough or stagnation? How will the regulation of cryptocurrencies affect the art market? What does it mean to own art in the digital age? Does NFT give rights to dispose of virtual values? What is better to invest in: art, artists, or platforms? Can the NFT world help discover new artists?

Ekaterina Shugaeva, Anchor, "Us and Science. Science and Us" Programme, NTV

Polina Bondareva, Founder, Masters School
Milhail Kossolapov, Deputy Director in Charge of Finance, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
Руслан Мусин, Supervisor, NFT Marketplace Joy Space
Olga Piven, Chief Executive Officer, RTVI
Evgenia Plotnikova, Founder, NFT CONF Ed Community
Ilya Popov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Riki Group; President, Association of the Animation Film
Konstantin Fursov,