Creative Business Forum

Pirates of the Content Sea: The Future of Online Platforms

15 Jun , 12:15–13:45
Transformation in the World and Growth in the Creative Economy
Pavilion G, conference hall G1

In 2022, sanctions affected almost all areas of Russian business. The film industry was no exception: Western countries not only began to refuse to cooperate, but also started to "cancel" recognised masterpieces of Russian culture. Many foreign companies, like Netflix, have refused to work in the Russian market altogether. However, their content is likely to remain in Russia and spur the development of piracy. What new formats and approaches have emerged in the work of online platforms? What models of interaction between content producers and OTT platforms are being used now? How can subscribers be retained? Where will the users go? How to compete with pirate sites for the audience? Can compulsory content licensing save the market? How to promote content given the lack of usual advertising platforms and monetization restrictions?

Alexander Nechaev, Editor-in-Chief, The Bulletin of the Film Distributor

Alexander Akopov, Director, HSE Film Institute
Alexey Byrdin, General Director, Internet Video Association
Alexey Goreslavsky, Director General, ANO "Internet Development Institute" (IRI)
Victoria Lymar, Creative Producer, A-ONE
Sofia Mitrofanova, Chief Executive Officer, PREMIER Video Service
Maria Sitkovskaya, Director, Moscow Film School