Drug Security Forum

Export Potential: EAEU and the Global Market

15 Jun , 10:00–11:30
‘Ensuring Drug Security’ Russian Pharmaceutical Forum
Pavilion G, conference hall G3

In addition to the countries of the Eurasian Union, Russian manufacturers supplied drugs to another 88 countries (according to 2019 data). With the West imposing sanctions against Russia, trade flows will be bypassing Europe. Russian exports will now be targeting the markets of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The export of finished dosage forms to other countries are complicated by the fact that direct logistics routes are constrained by the severe sanctions against Russia, which means other means of exports need to be found, including with the participation of the EAEU countries. At present, EAEU countries account for about 39% of Russia’s drug exports (in monetary terms). Is it possible that the new geopolitical challenges could become an impetus and not an obstacle to the development of the expert potential of Russia’s pharmaceutical industry? Would it not be more profitable to build up the competitiveness of the EAEU by creating Eurasian brands under a single ‘Made in the EAEU’ brand as European companies (Societas Europaea) have done? What is Russia’s role as a pharmaceutical manufacturer as part of the main focuses for the economic development of the Eurasian Economic Union until 2035? Are domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers ready for the requirements that the EAEU is introducing to establish the proper quality of medicines?

Vadim Kukava, Executive Director, The Association of Pharmaceutical Companies «Innovative Pharma»

Mikhail Grubman, Biotech Sales and Export Director, NPO Petrovax Pharm
Vladislav Davankov, Deputy of the old State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
Marina Durmanova, President, Association for the Support and Development of Pharmaceutical Activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan (online)
Aleksey Kedrin, Chairman of the Board, Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)
Viktor Nazarenko, Member of the Board, Minister in charge of Technical Regulation, Eurasian Economic Commission
Victor Fisenko, First Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation

Front row participants
Anna Belova, General Director, Pharmprobeg
Vladimir Shipkov, Executive Director, Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM)