Governors’ Club

Waste to Profit: New Industry on the Threshold of Large-Scale Development

15 Jun , 15:30–16:45
Pavilion H, Governors’ Club: Dialogues
Business Priority

Achieving the goals of sustainable development requires the availability of affordable sources of dietary protein, which are less dependent on natural, climatic conditions and the global economic environment. At the same time, it is important that its production does not pollute the environment, does not lead to greenhouse gas emissions and disruption of natural ecosystems.
Currently, the technology of industrial production of entomoprotein (insect protein) is gaining momentum. This alternative protein is already in demand in such significant areas as the production of feed for aquaculture, farm animals and pets. Entoprotein production is at the intersection of ecology, food stability and import substitution. What is needed for the industry to develop steadily?

Issues for discussion:
• Requirements for protein in the production of animal feed and organic fertilizers. Development of organic farming
• Entomoprotein: domestic production projects, demand in regional economies, support measures
• The problem of collection and disposal of organic waste. Regulatory regulation, integration of innovations into large-scale recycling projects

Elmurod Rasulmukhamedov, First Deputy Chairman of the Central Council, All-Russian Social Organization All-Russian Society of Nature Protection

Sergey Butenko, General Director, LLC "L'vinka" (Moscow)
Oleg Ermolaev, Minister of Economic Development and Industry of the Republic of Karelia
Arthur Parfenchikov, Head of the Republic of Karelia
Ilya Semin, Professional Internships Project Manager, Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation
Nadezhda Surova, Director, Institute of Administration and Socioeconomic Design, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
Oleg Shyanovsky, Director of Technology, Russian Environmental Operator