The VinoGrad Themed Venu

Adapting Global Winemaking and Viticulture Experience to Russia. Opportunities and Landscape for New Leaders

16 Jun , 10:00–11:15
The "VinoGrad" Program
Passage in zone G, VinoGrad

Russia ranks 6th in the world in wine consumption, but only 12th in wine production. How will Russia bridge the gap between the country and the world leaders? Which best practices and tools used by different countries to support and develop domestic winemaking are worth adopting? What motivates foreign experts – oenologists and winemakers of the Old World – to come to Russia? How can we make wine in Russia which will completely replace its foreign counterparts on store shelves, in wine stores, and on restaurant wine lists?
How can Russian wine already be of interest on the international market?
How has China managed to make a breakthrough and become one of the world leaders in wine production?
These and other questions will be answered by foreign oenologists, winemakers, and winery owners.
Also, this session will discuss how to follow the main global trends in winemaking and how not to lose momentum in production.

Topics for discussion:
• Russia/World wine market analytics. Russia's place and the industry's prospects.
• Foreigners in Russia: What motivates European oenologists to come.
• China's breakthrough in viticulture development. The tools of the breakthrough. Successful cases and people who have conquered the Chinese market.
• Trends in the wine sector. What trends will shape the market in the coming years?

Alexander Stavtsev, Vice President, Russian Association of Retail Market Experts; Author of the Wine Retail Forum Concept, Russian Retail Week; Head, Wine Retail Information Center

Wanda Botnar, Chief Winemaker, Kuban-Vino LLC (online)
Mauricio Vasquez, Director, SAMIFE/ CCI Bolivia-Russia
Frank Dusener, Chief Winemaker, Chateau de Taulane (online)
Olesya Kalashnikova, Director of the Department of Large Business, Russian Agricultural Bank
Patrice Le Lann, Winemaker, Founder, "Vivandier" Farm
Jiming Li, A board member, deputy general manager, chief winemaker of Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine Co. LTD.
Mikhail Nikolaev, Manager of the Lefkadia Valley Wine Project