The VinoGrad Themed Venu

Wine Start-ups

16 Jun , 16:30–17:15
The "VinoGrad" Program
Open dialogue
Passage in zone G, VinoGrad

Presentation of new wine projects and industry start-ups in a series of short structured talks.
The goal of the session is to communicate the project as effectively as possible, to get comments and recommendations from experts, and to interest potential investors. To talk about new opportunities in the industry.

Alexander Stavtsev, Vice President, Russian Association of Retail Market Experts; Author of the Wine Retail Forum Concept, Russian Retail Week; Head, Wine Retail Information Center

Irina Bogovich, Owner/Winemaker, Bogovich Wine & Vineyard Project
Dmitry Bronnikov, Deputy Director of the Department of Large Business, Russian Agricultural Bank
Ilya Voloshin, Winemaker, Cock t'est belle
Eduard Zhuravlev, Editor, "Vinodel" (Vintner) Magazine; Owner, "Illion-agro" Company
Anatoly Korneev, Co-founder, and Vice President of Simple Group
Aleksey Kucherov, Moscow Entrepreneur, Owner, Hills&Rocks Sevastopol Project
Anastasia Panibratova, Architect and Designer
Artur Sarkisyan, President, Union of Sommeliers and Experts of Russia