The VinoGrad Themed Venu

Presentation of the Great Russian Wine Project. Simple Company

16 Jun , 17:15–18:00
The "VinoGrad" Program
Passage in zone G, VinoGrad

Renaissance of Russian winemaking. Truth or fiction? How to make great wine in Russia? What is the "Russian terroir"? Are there any progressive winemakers in our country? Let us talk about this and much more with the expert of the Simple Group company, sommelier of the international category and the best sommelier of Russia 2014 Evgeny Bogdanov, using the top wineries of the Krasnodar Region and the Crimea, represented in the Great Russian Wine project, as an example. At the end of the presentation, participants will be able to get acquainted with the products of the Galitsky & Galitsky, Lefkadia, Sikory Estate, Usadba Markotkh, Zolotaya Balka, and Shumrinka wineries.

Evgeny Bogdanov, Expert, Simple Group Company, Sommelier of the International Category and the Best Sommelier of Russia 2014