The VinoGrad Themed Venu

Wine Culture in Russia. The Philosophy of Russian Winemaking

15 Jun , 13:30–15:00
The "VinoGrad" Program
Passage in zone G, VinoGrad

Wine has been produced in Russia since ancient times. Wine making in what is now Russia is thought to have originated as far back as the 6th century BC when the first vineyards were planted by Greek colonists.
Over the centuries, winemakers have faced new challenges – land development, grape cultivation, selection of new varieties that could bear fruit in the ever-changing climatic conditions of Russia, and many others.

How can we promote wine culture and strengthen the reputation of Russian wines in the eyes of consumers? Which wines do the expert community plump for and which sell well in restaurants? During the session the speakers will outline and discuss the challenges currently facing modern winemakers.

Topics for discussion:
• Russian wine market development, consumption structure, dynamics
• Supplier and customer profile, wine trends, events, and service
• What is the path of a Russian brand? How to win the hearts and minds of consumers?
• Demand trends and forecasts for the wine market
• Consumer behaviour in 2022
• Wine bars, restaurants with a Russian wine list. How do winemaker-restaurateurs see the market developing?

Vlada Lesnichenko, Wine Promoter; Communicator; Compiler of Wine Lists; Host of Wine Events; Author of Articles About Wine

Ilya Voloshin, Winemaker, Cock t'est belle
Maria Goreslavskaya, Editor-in-Chief, Online Travel and European Lifestyle Magazine; Co-founder, All-Russian Wine Card Award Russian Wine Awards
Yulia Mihaleva, Deputy Director, Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo)
Artur Sarkisyan, President, Union of Sommeliers and Experts of Russia
Andrey Ushakov, Marketing Director, LUDING