Healthy Life

Blood Donation and Employee Efficiency: How to Increase Employers’ Loyalty to Blood Donation

17 Jun , 16:30–18:00
‘Healthy Life’ Programme
Panel session
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area

A well-developed corporate culture is crucial to improving team efficiency and ensuring a strong economic performance.
The panel discussion will address the theme of blood donation, which combines two components straight away to ensure Russia’s socioeconomic well-being – healthcare itself and the development of a corporate culture. How can the attractiveness of blood donation be enhanced in the corporate environment? Why don’t employers make blood donation a mandatory component of corporate culture? What would be a good solution to this problem in the opinion of business people? What positive corporate donation practices could be cited as a successful example and how does this affect efficiency? What tools can the Russian Red Cross offer to the business community?

Olesya Nazarova, Head, Department of Medical and Social Programmes, Russian Red Cross

Dmitry Afanasyev, Advisor to the Novgorod Region Governor; Founder, First IT Alliance; Chairman of the Board of Directors, BP MED
Dmitry Bazhenov, Deputy General Director for Commerce, State Specialized Design Institute
Oksana Kritikova, Director, Corporate Culture and Employer Brand Department, T Plus
Elena Myakotnikova, Public Advisor to the Head, Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh)
Alexandra Rodionova, Director, Department of Medical Care for Children, Obstetrics and Public Health Services, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation