Healthy Life Area

How Can We Improve Efficiency under Stress?

18 Jun , 10:30–12:00
‘Healthy Life’ Programme
Panel session
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area

Can anyone in the 21st century not suffer from stress? Is there anyone among us who has learned to cope with stress as fast and unnoticed as possible? How to get rid of anxiety when constantly within the information flow? Stress is detrimental to the immune system, when stressed out people pick up infections more often, but is stress really so harmful or is this assertion merely a stereotype and incorrect perception of any person’s normal state? Can stress be beneficial? Scientists have shown that stress stimulates people’s initiative, allowing more intensive use to be made of a person’s potential, promotes development and motivates. Moreover, stress increases activity and improves memory. So what exactly is this stress and why can’t we live without it? How to learn to cope with stress and develop stress-resistance? What methods exist for handling stress?

Olga Kobyakova, Director, Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Maria Afonina, Vice Rector for Learning Activities of Educational Center SENEZH (“Russia - the Country of Opportunities” Project)
Sergey Bagnenko, Rector, Pavlov First St. Petersburg State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Alexander Kalinkin, Director, Sleep Medicine Centre; Cardiologist; Sleep Therapist, Medical Research and Education Centre, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Alan Kaluyev, Director, Laboratory of Biological Psychiatry, St. Petersburg State University; Doctor of Biological Sciences; Professor
Vladimir Samokish, Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
Sergey Chudinov, Honoured Coach of Russia; Head Coach, Russian National Luge Team