Healthy Life

Bolstering the Resources of Local Communities in Times of Turbulence: Collaboration between State Institutions, Business, and NPOs

17 Jun , 11:45–13:15
‘Healthy Life’ Programme
Panel session
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area

The new challenges of the times make “concern for those close by” probably the only antidote to crises and opportunity for developing the resources of local communities. Solidarity and inter-sectoral collaboration with authorities, businesses and NPOs bring sustainable results despite the universal shortage of resources and instability. Mobilization and development of local communities are the “new black” in turbulent times. How could collaboration with the state be arranged to confirm NPOs and local communities as a resource with which co-operation is both possible and essential for supporting particularly vulnerable members of society during unstable times? How could businesses use social care resources to create an environment for the elderly? How can local communities improve the lives of children and families? What is the strength of NPOs as a mechanism for fine-tuning social care?

Yelena Fayman, Managing Partner, IQ Media Agency

Denis Bokov, Director, VEB.RF Agent Block of the Russian Government
Anton Dolgov, Executive Director, Presidential Grants Foundation
Maria Morozova, General Director, Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation
Olga Postnikova, Chief Executive Officer, Dobroe Delo Social Care Centre ANPO (online)
Karine Khabirova, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Territory of Happiness Charitable Foundation
Anna Tsivileva, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kolmar Group

Front row participants
Tatiana Akimova, Executive Director, Good Stories Charitable Foundation; Director, Care Is Near Coalition
Ekaterina Moroz, Co-owner, Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine MOROZOV LLC; Founder, Social Projects "Youth Without Borders", "Two Generations - One Look"
Diana Farakhova, Member, Public Chamber of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Andrey Tsarev, Member, Commission of the Russian Public Chamber for the Development of the Non-Commercial Sector and the Support of Socially Oriented NGOs; Chairman of the Board, Equal Opportunities Interregional Public Organization for the Support of People with Mental Disabilities and Psychophysical Disabilities (online)
Olga Chistyakova, Member, Legislative Assembly of the Penza Region; Chairman of the Board, Penza Regional Branch of the Union of Russian Women; Director, Caravan of Good Deeds Charitable Foundation
Irina Shuvalova, Director, Department of Social Protection of the Population of the Rostov-on-Don City