Business session: "Joint initiatives of Russia and China: from export and import to common production"

16 Jun , 11:00–12:30
International Center for Joint Initiatives

Moderator - Nikolay Vavilov, COO of the ICJI company, sinologist-expert.

Russia and China have created a significant foundation for partnership at the political and humanitarian level, however, large-scale geopolitical initiatives need serious practical study and integration of the enterprises of the two countries - the potential of the two economies will not be fully revealed without the implementation of large joint production projects on the territory of Russia and China, without deepening cooperation and creation of a high-tech industrial cluster of the two countries. Until now, the lion's share of the economic cooperation between the two neighbors is occupied by raw material exports, China's investments in the production chains of Russia, especially against the backdrop of the withdrawal of Western players from the market, require a powerful impetus and comprehensive, in-depth study, joint projects of the two countries in Russia are not massive - the time has come to speak openly about the problems of cooperation.
How will Russian-Chinese economic cooperation be built? Can there be a quantitative and qualitative transformation of economic ties between the two countries? Are Chinese companies ready to invest in the Russian market and what kind of support do they need? How to expand and diversify trade and investment flows? How to solve the problem of the risks of imports and the expansion of imports from China in the face of the shock of the departure of Western manufacturers? How to solve the problem of Russian regions to attract Chinese players? How to solve the problem of wide access of Chinese loans to the Russian market?