OPEN MIC: «Profitable agribusiness: why do you need to invest in agriculture?»

16 Jun , 13:30–14:30

Agriculture this year is the focus of investors. In conditions of high uncertainty in the world, the shares of food raw material producers and their counterparties are among the growth leaders: up to +50% since the beginning of the year. Today, agriculture is one of the few fast-growing sectors of the economy. In 2022, the expectations for the harvest of all agricultural crops in most regions are optimistic. In one of the main grain-producing macro-regions - in the south of Russia - record areas are sown with winter wheat and rapeseed. Growth in the production of not only grains, but also oilseeds is expected. Recently, the consumer market has seen a surge of interest in products based on vegetable proteins - vegetable meat and milk, sweet proteins and others. Despite all the uncertainties in the economy and in the world, the agricultural sector shows stable development and growth.
What needs to be done to maintain and develop new markets for agricultural products in foreign markets? How to find foreign partners and attract investments in your project? What new technologies are being introduced in this sector?

Moderator: Andrey Beshkov - Business Development Director, Tencent