OPEN MIC: “Regions as a driver for the development and scaling of production. International practices for stimulating the development of SMEs”

17 Jun , 13:00–14:00
International Center For Joint Initiatives

Are regions becoming a source of growth and a pillar of economic development at a time of unprecedented external pressure? Are the regions interested in stimulating small and medium businesses? Regional and international practices to stimulate the development of SMEs. How are federal measures implemented at the regional level? How to adapt the regulatory environment for accelerated localization of high-tech products? What kind of infrastructure is demanded by investors for the accelerated creation and scaling of production? What regulatory and financial support measures are needed to accelerate the development of industrial infrastructure? How to increase the attractiveness of infrastructure sites? How can the state help in strengthening the positions of companies engaged in import substitution? What will allow goods made in Russia to be promoted more effectively in the domestic and foreign markets? What new markets for the sale of products are opening up abroad and how will the state support exporters in the face of a break in supply chains and sanctions on financial transactions?

Moderator: Nikolay Vavilov, COO of the ICJI, expert sinologist